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Easily send text messages to a group of contacts or an individual from any computer or device. It's a breeze to setup and yeah, totally free for 30 days.

Start Your Free Trial30 days or 500 messages
FlipFire Example on the iPhone

With Flipfire You Can

Send messages from a computer, phone or tablet

No matter what device you have at your fingertips, you can easily flip your message out to your contacts via our website or app.

Compatible on iPhone, iPad, Laptop, and any computer

Instantly broadcast urgent messages to your group

No more back and forth. No more phone tag. Deliver important details to an entire group of contacts in an instant.

Group Messageing with FlipFire Example

Reach one contact at a time

You can send a patient an appointment reminder and have them call back to your front desk - all with one message.

Individual SMS Messaging with FlipFire Example

Your Recipients can call you back

With Intelligent Voice Callback, the recipients' voice calls are routed back to the broadcaster.

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Intelligent Voice Callback Example

FlipFire is made for you

From small groups to large organizations, FlipFire can be used to communicate to your customers, members, friends, clients, etc.

FlipFire can be used for many groups and organizations

Manage, Create, Flip

So easy my mom can do it

All the features you could ever want

...or need

1. Dedicated Local Number

Don’t get stuck using company cellphones or your personal number, FlipFire provides a local, unique number for your flips.

2. Intelligent Call Back

Your message recipients can call you back and receive the personalized message you created.

3. SSL Encryption

We keep all your text messages, phone numbers, and other data completely secure.

4. CAN-SPAM Act Compliant

Subscribers can opt-out of receiving messages, easily and without hassle.

5. Real-time Tracking

Watch live as your messages are delivered and export a full report of your messages.

And so much more!

A dedicated representative for your account

Free 30 day trial

No annual contract

Send to one or more groups at a time

Unlimited groups & subscribers

Use our web interface or mobile app

Create broadcasters and assign them groups

Create custom text message templates

Never any 3rd party ads

Messages are one-to-one — your contacts are confidential

Responses are sent to the broadcaster only

All incoming & outgoing messages are logged

Lightning fast delivery

Privacy guaranteed — we will never leverage your data

Priced to grow with you

Large or small - we have got you covered

Choose A Plan
All plans include...
  • $99 Setup Fee
  • 2-way SMS
  • Unlimited groups
  • Unlimited contacts
  • Free local phone numbers
  • Broadcasters ? Broadcasters flip messages out to a group or individual.
  • Group Texting ? Groups are comprised of one or more subscribers who receive broadcasted messages.
  • Intelligent Call Back ? Retain your privacy with our Intelligent Callback Agent. Subscribers will receive text messages from your assigned FlipFire phone number. If a subscriber chooses to respond to a message via phone call, FlipFire will automatically redirect their call to your specified callback number. There is no need to hand out your office or mobile number!
  • Voice Minutes ? The total number of callback minutes allotted per month.
  • Promotional Message ? A short promotional message will be tagged to the end of your text messages. Higher volume plans allow you to include your own custom promotional message with each text.
  • Character Limit ? The total character length of your messages. This is directly affected by the promotional message.


$50 per month

650 messages


$100 per month

1,500 messages


$250 per month

4,000 messages


$500 per month

10,000 messages


Starting at $1,000 per month

25,000 + up messages

Try us for 30 days or 500 messages at no charge

Your Free Trial will last for 30 days or 500 minutes, whichever comes first. We will not charge you a setup fee until your 30 day trial ends and you choose your FlipFire plan. If you decide FlipFire isn't for you, simply Opt Out and no fees will be applied to your account.

Multiple Locations within an Organization

If you have multiple locations for your organization, you can set up a FlipFire account for each. Additionally, you can select a different plan for each location depending on the anticipated usage.

How are Messages counted?

The number of messages per month includes all inbound and outbound messages, including individual and group messages.

What if I go over the number of messages for my plan?

Overages are automatically provided in blocks of 250 messages at $25/ea.

Just so you know...

A FlipFire promo will be added to all outgoing messages with the Spark and Ember plans and all Free Trials.

What are Broadcasters & Subscribers?

Broadcasters are those who send out group or individual messages from the system. Subscribers are those receiving the messages. FlipFire allows for unlimited subscribers as well as unlimited groups and group sizes for plans allowing group texting.